About us

The history of Columbia Integração has intertwined with the development of IT in Brazil. In nearly 40 years, we have driven the "digital transformation" of our customers long before the term was so widely used.
Across the country we've been responsible for the infrastructure and technological growth of companies in the most varied segments. Companies that currently boast about the great evolution of their IT management thanks to a solid base of systems and storage.
We are proud of being Brazilian and pioneers in bringing technology's major brands in the world to Brazil, such as EMC, Storagetek and Netapp - we are, today, the largest and principal partner to the latter in Latin America.
Being a pioneer, however, does not mean being still. Columbia is always innovating and renovating itself, as it knows better than anyone that technology is evolving by the second. We are aware that everything starts with infrastructure, which is the basis for any innovation to happen and grow in a robust and structured way.

What we do

With the objective of bringing more efficiency and at the same time reducing costs, we at Columbia work closely with our customers in order to address the best solutions and services in the market to add performance and optimization to companies’ infrastructure. 

From storage solutions with the care for the correct data hierarchy to data protection which generates insights from analytics intelligence, our solutions prepare our customers so that they can increasingly develop their businesses' digital transformation and growth capabilities.

Our History

Here at Columbia we have a lot to tell.
Find out about our trajectory and discover why we are one of the most important integrators in Brazil.



IBM Mainframe equipment broker.

Initially as 'Columbia Storage', in the middle of the computer market reserve period, the company was founded in 1983. Our focus was then on the development and manufacture of equipment, in association with Noxxon Tecnologia. The initial objective of that partnership was to make systems integration feasible and the result was success greater than expected. At that time, more than one hundred mainframe systems received equipment (printers and tapes) using controllers. Due to the great commitment and boldness of the Columbia / Noxxon technical team, the viabilization of clients' businesses and technological development gained its initial milestone.



Exclusive distributor for Storagetek in Brazil

Anticipating the trend, reaching the end of the market reserve era in the early 90s, Columbia turned to data storage when it was responsible for the introduction of an important company in the storage market in Brazil: Storagetek.

Along with that partnership, others aroused such as: EMC, Legato (now part of EMC), Inrange (today part of Brocade) and Netapp.


Storage Solutions Integrator

Storagetek, Inrange/CNT, HDS, NetApp e Legato

Columbia begins to focus its operation on integrating storage technologies, which involved disk, connectivity, tapes and backup software.

With this new positioning, Columbia differentiated itself from its competitors and now its customers had a single access point to deal with problems related to Storage.


Integrator Storage and Server Solutions

Sun, NetApp, Brocade, EMC e VMWARE

Such continuous evolution led Columbia to develop in the area of open systems as well as to form partnerships with new suppliers to make the integration of technologies possible and, as a consequence, start offering differentiated solutions to customers.

In 2007, we can cite end-to-end virtualization solutions, from desktop to storage as an example.


Infrastructure Integrator

IT infrastructure solutions integrator

In 2009, Columbia Integração is created to meet the needs of customers using renewal as a constant in business strategies to keep up with new market trends.


Columbia Integration completes 30 years of history!

IBM Mainframe equipment broker.

A company 100% Brazilian that is renewed every year and keeps innovation and the tireless goal of supporting its customers and partners in its DNA.

It's been nearly 40 years of history!

We are a company that renovates itself every day and has perpetuated itself in the market.

Always with a focus on providing complete IT infrastructure solutions, integrating different components from different partners to provide the most appropriate option for current and future needs to customers.

Composed of a team of specialized professionals and a complete line of products from the main manufacturers in the market.

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